“This fun, sprightly musical is difficult to resist!” The two stars, Varla Jean Merman and Leslie Jordan, are two forces of nature.”

The New York Times

“As refreshing as a cool glass of lemonade on a hot summer day, LUCKY GUY wins your heart!”


“Authentic and impressive, this flamboyant comic spectacle is a visual feast and Leslie Jordan is hilarious!”

Associated Press

“Kyle Dean Massey is charming!”

The New York Times

“Delightful! Sheer fun, with an adorable cast. You’ll have a great time!”


“Jeannie is portrayed with decadent panache by the towering diva in drag Varla Jean Merman!”

Associated Press

“I was smiling the whole time. Across the board perfect and I wanted more! Go see it—it’s downtown, with a twist!”

AndrewAndrew, PaperMag

"A hootenanny with a big emphasis on the hoot.”

New Jersey Newsroom

“Instant Gold! This campy tune-fest is delicious!”


“Varla Jean Merman plays Miss Jeannie like a sweetie-pie amalgam of Marie Antoinette, Ann-Margret and Tammy Wynette, and walks off with the show.”

New York Post

“Delightfully tasty corn pone with a kick and healthy heapings of humor”

NY 1


Michael Musto, The Village Voice

“The Buckaroos, expertly sing and dance in tight harmony and even tighter costumes.”

New Jersey Newsroom

“The four adorable Buckaroos dance their butts off!”


“Definitely recommended for New Yorkers and tourists. Green light!”

AndrewAndrew, PaperMag

“Varla Jean Merman is every talented inch a larger than life diva.”

New Jersey Newsroom

“Kyle Dean Massey is irresistible!”

New York Daily News

“This winsome comedy is blessed with a top-rate ensemble!”

Time Out New York

“A hilarious, fun-filled spoof!”

Back Stage